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AUGUST 17 - SEPTEMBER 14, 2019

reception: Saturday August 17th 6-9 pm


Dwayne Carter • Eric Doeringer • Randall Garrett

Peregrine Honig • Dave Kinsey • Daniel Kurt
Harlan Lovestone • Jesse Meraz • Robert Moore
Mark Nelson • Frank Porreco • Scuba • Mark Todd

Pedro Vélez • Jason Villegas • Michael Wynne


Plush Gallery opened on March 18, 2000, in a warehouse on Dallas' S. Akard Street. From the abandoned neighborhood, gallery owner / founder Randall Garrett programmed art shows in conjunction with performance art, bands and theatrical performances. In the 19 years since, the gallery has hosted over 80 exhibitions from its various Dallas locations, has taken part in art fairs in Miami, New York, Chicago, opened a pop-up space in Santa Fe, and hosted curatorial projects in Houston, Chicago, and New York.


From 2000-03, the gallery was located just south of downtown Dallas in what was then called the South Side (present day Cedars). In 2004, Plush moved to a defunct parking garage at 1927 Commerce Street in downtown (now a city park), then to the Manor House Apartments (2005-07), and to its present day location (2010-12, 2019-present) in the offices of Cunningham Architects in the Design District.


Memorable events include "Jonze" (2000), a lowbrow group show with skateboard performances, "Dallas vs. Houston" (2003) exchange show with Commerce Street Artist Warehouse, "El Pulpo" (2004) drag performance, "Casket Factory" (2005) organizing Dallas' first art fair, "Manic and Wasted" (2006) with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council NYC, "Stealing Christmas" (2006) at 500X Gallery, and "Plush Crush" (2009) at CentralTrak.


The gallery has been some of the first exposure for many well-known artists, including a number of Whitney Biennial participants. Over the years it has had a reputation for quirky, offbeat shows, with an emphasis on performance and experimental media.


"Kick Out Tha Jamzzz" will feature a selection of historical gallery artists from the classic Plush eras of 2000-07 and 2010-12, and will include both new and old works, along with video projections of past performances.


For more information, contact gallery owner / director Randall Garrett at 469-551-3967.


MAY 2019


JUNE 2019

Kathryn Vestal: ADHD


APR 2019


MAY 2019

Jacqueline Blanco: Pose
  + Black Market Bodega


FEB 2019


MAR 2019

I and You and We

Raymond Butler / Dallas

C. J. Davis / Dallas

Angel Faz / Dallas

Fernando Fershow Escarcega / Neza MX

Jeremy Joel / Ft. Worth

Brian Martinez (Livoight) / Iztapalapa MX

Alba Vida / Mexico City MX

November 3 - December 1, 2018

reception: Saturday Nov. 3rd 6-9 pm

september 8 - october 6, 2018

reception: Saturday Sept. 8th 6-9 pm

featuring work by


Sara Cardona • Salve César • Randall Garrett

Yaudiel Jiménez • Brian Livoight • Alan Méndez

Román Olayo Estrada • Pablo Tonatiuh Alvarez Reyes • Alba Vida



C.J. Davis Time In (2018) digital photo / framed

Between 2000 and 2012, Plush Gallery produced over 60 art exhibitions from their home base of Dallas, in addition to participating in 15 art fairs and curatorial projects in cities across the U.S., such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Houston, and Santa Fe.


During that time, the experimental space won two Best Alternative Gallery awards from the Dallas Observer, and had a nomadic nature with five locations, beginning in the Cedars neighborhood, then moving to a vintage parking garage and high rise in downtown Dallas, before settling into the offices of Cunningham Architects in the Design District. In 2012, owner and founder Randall Garrett closed the space to focus on his own work as an artist and teacher.


In September 2018, after a six year hiatus, Garrett is reopening Plush Gallery, building on his time living in Mexico City and working with artists there and in its sister city of Nezahualcóyotl.


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