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GALLERY HOURS: by appointment:

469-551-3967 or



opening reception: Saturday September 17th 4-8 pm

Natural Selection is a group exhibition featuring the work of Favio Moreno, Mylan Nguyen, Brent Ozaeta, and Taro Waggoner. These close friends have collaborated frequently over the last decade, having shown together in various Dallas area gallery spaces, as well as organizing site specific events, such as Super Fantasy Mercado, a boutique pop-up space in a flea market, and Poo Poo Pee Pee Gallery, an experimental exhibition space inside of a restroom on the campus of Southern Methodist University.

Favio Moreno is a painter based in Dallas, Texas. The environment of his youth ranged from California, to Mexico, and Texas, with the Latin American culture he experienced influencing his personal visual language. Another visual influence for the artist is that of the iconographic imagery of contemporary US based design. He divides his time between painting, printmaking, design, and mural work, in his signature style of hard-edged painting, with a refined sense of saturated and flat color shapes.


Brent Ozaeta is a Dallas based painter and printmaker. His work is known for its flat graphic style influenced heavily by Japanese animation and pop culture. He juxtaposes imagery and pattern fragments into dense image fields on flattened picture planes in his paintings and works on paper. He has a variety of other side projects, including zine production, musician gig posters, and t-shirt design.

Born in Dallas, Texas in 1986, Mylan Nguyen is a Vietnamese / Mexican American artist. She received her BFA in Illustration from the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, and has just completed her MFA degree with Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Mylan works in a variety of media, including ceramics, illustration, printmaking, and environmental installation, and enjoys the alchemy of each of these processed based art forms.

Taro Waggoner is a biracial folk artist, who split his time between Japan and the US as a child, and is now based in Dallas, Texas. He is heavily inspired by Japanese manga, anime, and illustration, and navigates these topics as one who straddles the dual cultures, in the cultural space of the American South. Taro's current body of work focuses on anthropomorphic sculptural ceramic works, zines, and also mini-comics which he prints through a RISO print project, Strange Powers Press.

For more information, contact the gallery at 469-551-3967.




Between 2000 and 2012, Plush Gallery produced over 60 art exhibitions from their home base of Dallas, in addition to participating in numerous art fairs and curatorial projects in cities across the U.S., such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Houston, and Santa Fe. During that time, the experimental space won two Best of Dallas awards from the Dallas Observer, and had a nomadic presence with locations beginning in the Cedars neighborhood, then moving to a vintage parking garage, and later to a high rise in downtown Dallas, before settling into the offices of Cunningham Architects in the Design District. In 2012, owner and founder Randall Garrett closed the space to focus on his own work as an artist and teacher. In September 2018, after a six year hiatus, Garrett reopened Plush Gallery, adding artists from Mexico City to a budding stable of emerging Texas and U.S. artists.

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