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GALLERY HOURS: by appointment:

469-551-3967 or

JUNE 19 - SEPTEMBER 11, 2019


opening reception: Saturday June 19th 2-8 pm


Brent Ozaeta is a Dallas-based painter / printmaker and recent recipient of the Dallas Museum of Art DeGolyler artist award. He has been featured in both New American Paintings and the Texas Biennial. His current work builds fragmented landscapes inspired by anime and manga. The images are drawn from the infinite scroll of internet based image boards. The exhibition title references the dual nature of the word “sprite”, as an ethereal fairy creature and also a two-dimensional bitmap image which is integrated into video game environments. The artist’s imagery is based in digital sources, becoming paintings which combine acrylic and screen printing techniques.


Born and raised in South Dallas, Raymond Butler’s work focuses on childhood memories of growing up there, filtered through a prism of pop culture references. He finds creative inspiration in the sandwiches he grew up eating as a kid, “the food of champions for most kids growing up poor in America”, as he says. He calls these handmade wooden versions of this childhood menu, “Sammies”, and they each have distinct personalities. Cartoonishly anthropomorphized, with bites taken out of their bread “faces”, or pulled apart with a melting cheese “smile”, the artist uses these characters to represent the stretching of resources in his youth, as a means of survival.



Stephanie Sanz is an illustrator and muralist from the Central American country of Panama, now based in Dallas, Texas. A main theme in her work is that of feminine allure and empowerment, expressed through portraits of strong and provocative women in a pop surrealist style. Her images are imbued with a sense of sexual positivity and liberation, looking at sexual provocation, biology, and the nature of the female as protagonist. She paints in acrylics, ink, spray paint, and draws with graphite and marker on a variety of surfaces. The artist has recently completed a number of mural projects in West Dallas.


For more information, contact gallery owner / director Randall Garrett at 469-551-3967.

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