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The journey

of self-discoverY

Creative expression opens your life to its full potential, whatever your interests may be. Together we will explore your self-development and personal goals through through course modules that make use of art to look at self-image, social performance, and your dreams. We will use a variety of basic artistic and performance techniques, such as drawing, writing, spoken word, and ritual, to help raise your awareness, and analyze your own life in everyday and social situations. Each unit includes a concept presentation along with creative exercises to help you more deeply embody the purposes you desire.


“In the middle of the journey of our life, I come to myself in a dark wood, where the straight way was lost. To treat of the good that I there found, I will relate the other things that I discerned.” - Dante “Inferno” Canto i


In Dante’s trilogy, the author finds himself lost in an unfamiliar place. It is there he meets the poet Virgil, who serves as a companion and guide on his journey to self-discovery. This is an inspiration and model for my guide work, to support you in expressing your own creativity and self-awareness.


In our collaboration, I will assist you to access your creative expression, with specific aspects of personal development in mind. My role is as mentor on your journey, offering insight, experience and support. Everything we practice will be personally geared to your own interests, understanding, and values.


It is with this intention that I offer my guidance, as you move toward greater creativity, insight and understanding, with the ability to choose a continuous path of personal development and wisdom. Come, together let’s explore the path of creative expression.

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