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I and You and We

february 23 - march 23, 2019


reception: Saturday Feb. 23rd 6-9 pm

(performance by Swirve at 8:00 pm)

gallery hours Thursday - Saturday 12-5 pm and by appt.

featuring new work by:

Raymond Butler / C.J. Davis / Angela Faz

Fernando Fershow Escarcega / Jeremy Joel / Brian Martinez / Alba Vida

Art is a reflection, a mirror, of the perceptions of the artist, an expression of self, other, and society. It presents notions of identity, contextual relation, and cultural evolution. Each of the artists in “I and You and We” create work that looks inward to the self, and outward to others. There are seven artists in the show, four from Dallas / Ft. Worth, and three from the Mexico City area. They promote themes of queer identity or the empowerment of women (Angela Faz / Fernando Fershow Esarcega / Alba Vida), self / society as a true expression of the unconscious (C.J. Davis, Jeremy Joel), and everyday life as seen through the lens of animation or anime (Raymond Butler, Brian Martinez).


Raymond Butler (b. 1987) (Dallas) finds “creative inspiration in the remembrance of sandwiches, the food of champions for most kids growing up poor in America”. His "Sammy the Sandwich" sculptural objects mine the tropes of vintage cartoon animations, while channeling a social/political discourse around racism and poverty in America.


C.J. Davis (b. 1967) (Dallas) creates idiosyncratic paintings and post-minimal sculpture that have a childlike resonance coupled with the reflection of adult wisdom. His works are puzzling and enigmatic, leading the viewer into deep waters through seemingly benign pop references. “blind LEbron” features an outline painting of the NBA star (without eyes) floating on a rainbow (or popsicle) sky colored background.


Angela Faz (b. 1977) (Dallas) grew up in the working class Mexican-American neighborhoods of West Dallas. Her work reflects Mexican printmaking traditions, which she studied in depth in a 2018 residency in Puebla, Mexico. Her series “Reflections on Alabaster” take a monumental bust image of George Washington and remix it into the variety of cultures and persons that represent American identity.


Fernando Fershow Escarcega (b. 1986) (Neza) photographs his friends from Neza in an ongoing series that revolves around his studio and life on the streets of this gritty urban metropolis on the edge of Mexico City. His images bask in queer identity within an environment that is at times glamorous, edgy, and dangerous.


Jeremy Joel (b. 1982) (Ft. Worth) is a self-trained artist whose paintings have an outsider quality, exploring personal history through the evocation of memory. He co-founded the art space Bobby on Drums in Ft. Worth, before moving on to showcase local artist at SAM Gallery. He creates peculiar figures and environments that float on empty space backgrounds of wood textures and tinted color.


Brian Martinez (aka Livoight) (b. 1986) (Iztapalapa) is a young Mexican artist and illustrator. He creates artwork inspired by the Japanese Otaku culture of obsession with technology and social media. Of his work, he says, “I seek to understand from the internal monsters to the broadest of my society and my context, through the violence, danger, drugs and the appropriation of space.”


Alba Vida (b. 1982) (Mexico City) makes work in a variety of media, including painting, photography, and design, that present her perspectives of the spiritual through geometry and chaos, and empowerment of the feminine through the freedom of expression. Her photo series, “La medicina” reflect the power and process of healing through ritual actions.


Swirve ( )will perform a set of experimental and improvised music at 8:00 pm during the opening reception. Swirve features Chris Curiel on altered trumpet and electronic effects, the spoken word of Tamitha Curiel, and special guest Sarah Ruth ( ) on harmonium, vocals, and sound.

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